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Durban Desai's Meats

Durban Desais Meats

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PE Janaza Notices

Free Janaza/Muslim Burial notices for Port Elizabeth
Muslim Burial Society
+27 73 133 9966
Twitter @PEJanaza
Facebook: PEJanaza
Whatsapp: +27 78 672 7797
BBM Channel: C004BFF30
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Halaal Food Review

Halaal Food Review
Taking a fresh look at the Halaal eating out scene in Port Elizabeth
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PE Salaah Times

Fajr 05:35 AM
Sunrise 06:52 AM
Dhuhur 12:20 PM
Asr 03:58 PM
Maghrib 05:38 PM
Isha 06:58 PM
  • 29 April 2016


    Taqwa: Sheikh Muhammad Ariefdien | Mansoor: Moulana Muhsin Mbotoli | Darul Uloom: Moulana Ihsan Ahmed | West End: Moulana Khalid S Desai | Huda, Korsten: Moulana Rushdie Nackerdien | Humphries St: Moulana Husain Kapery | Awatif, Springdale: Sheikh Ebrahim Essop | Grace St: Imam Ibrahim Tiry | Fuqara: Moulana Nazeem Moosagie | Azhar: Moulana Riyaad Jappie | Bloemendaal:Rudolph St: Moulana Hussain Muhammad | Salt Lake: Moulana M Ali Desai | Saabireen: Sheikh Majdie Jardien | Korsten Jamaat Khana: Moulana Moosa Shafi | Qudama, UTH: Imam Farouk Gamieldien - Combined Juma with Mumineen | Mumineen, UTH: Combined Juma with Qudama | Ibaadur Rahmaan, UTH: Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe | Haq, UTH: Imam Liaquat Ali Tiry | Kuyga: Moulana Yusuf Y Desai | Pier St: Moulana Rieyaad Abrahams | Central Jamaat Khana: Sheikh Iman Nakhomo | Booysens Park: Sheikh Imad Lagardien | Overbaakens: Sheikh Ashraff Adam | NMMU: Moulana Maseehullah Desai | Al Bayaan, Jackson St: | Ruvan Centre, Thorogood St: | Motherwell: Imam Moosa Milanzi | New Brighton: Sheikh Nceba Salamntu | Plettenberg Bay: Mufti Siraj Desai


    [All venues subject to change without notice]

  • 2016 

    Bay Youth Adventures.
    Boys 8+. Registration: 083 976 1145
    30: Farm Day. Pick up and dropoff at Malabar Community Centre. 8 am - 3 pm. R50/boy. Cattle handling, horses, swimming, wors braai


    28: Mufti Dr Ismail Menk Masjid Taqwa, Maghrib and Advices

    29: Mufti Dr Ismail Menk Masjid Ibaadur Rahmaan, Uit Juma


    Bay Youth Adventures.
    Astro Turf at St Thomas, Gelvan. 9.00 am - 12.00 pm. Boys 10-16. 083 976 1145
    7: Archery Competition | 14: Soccer Tournament Madressa Mansoor | 21: Blitz Cricket Competition


    5: Jamaat Elders Program. Masjid Mansoor. After Esha


    4: Meraj Lecture. Masjid Mansoor after Esha 7.15 pm Jamat. Moulana Muhammad Badsha. Topic: Land of Isra and Meraj - Setting for Significant World Events

    13: Qiraat Competition.
    Darul Uloom Abu Bakr. Qari Saleem Ghaibi of Cape Town. Nasheeds, Advices, Prizes. Asr-Esha


    Moulana Sulaiman Bhamjee and Moulana Ilyaas Desai:

    13: Ladies Program Girls Madressa, Driedoring St 10.30 - 11.00 am

    13: Ml Sulaiman Bhamjee Juma Masjid Ibadur Rahman, Uit | Ml Ilyaas Desai Juma Masjid Mansoor

    14: Youth Event for boys at Madressa Mansoor 9am - 2pm. Soccer, prizes, talks, salaah, lunch
    14: National Sahaba Jalsa. Ml Sulaiman Bhamjee Masjid Mansoor after Esha | Ml Ilyaas Desai Salt Lake Masjid, after Esha

    Mufti Zubair Bayat of Darul Ihsan:

    20: Juma Masjid Ibadur Rahman, Uit

    21: 15th Shabaan lecture at Masjid Mansoor after Esha


    22: Jalsa Madressa Mansoor. TBC


    26: Laws of Fasting. Hanafi and Shafi rules. Moulana Muhammad Badsha. Masjid Mansoor after Esha

    3: Girls Youth event

    7: First Ramadaan
    subject to sighting of moon

  • 2015 Oct

    2: Salma Abrahams | 4: Fatima Shabudien | 15: Soeraya September | 17: Abdulla Noor | 19: Ghasieba Abrahams | 19: Bahiejah May


    Free Port Elizabeth Janaza Notices:

    Twitter: @PEJanaza | Facebook: | Whatsapp: +27 78 672 7797 | BBM Channel: C004BFF30



Agriculture and Farming

After trade, Sheikh Zakariyya rahimahullah rates agriculture as the best occupation:


Charity. “Should a man plant a tree or busy himself with farming, and a person or a bird or an animal eats from it, then that shall be an act of charity for him. And if anything gets stolen then too it will be considered as charity.” (Muslim)



Islamic Focus Magazine 124
Islamic Focus Issue 124
Disabilities in Islam

Islam set the trend for dealing equitably with people who have special needs. Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz rahimahullah asked rulers of the provinces to send him the names of all those blind, crippled, or with a chronic illness that prevented them from establishing salah. They sent him their names. He, in turn, ordered that every blind man should have an employee to guide and look after him, and that every two chronically ill persons - those with special needs - be attended by a servant to serve and care for them. (Ibn Al-Jawzi)


Qurbani 2015

Port Elizabeth Ads

1. Madressa Taleemuddeen
Complete service delivered to your door
Hafiz Azeem 082 929 6399
Hafiz Ashraf 082 659 2405

2. Ravat's Farm
Slaughtered, cleaned, sliced, delivered
From R1300
Saeed 084 665 4275
Ismail 078 201 2202

3. Darul Uloom Abu Bakr
A Grade Lamb. Cut, clean, slice, pack, deliver
Fareed 083 775 5400
Heshaam 083 588 8808
Office 041 457 1501

4. Meat Market
Ismail Lala
Ismail 082 873 3482


This ad is a community service and was placed free. Information correct at time of posting. E&OE

Islamic Focus Issue 123
Battle of Badr

The glorious Battle of Badr was fought in Ramadan 1391 years ago. It set the foundation for the spread and preservation of Islam till today. Here are some lessons from this battle:


Islamic Focus Issue 122
Unique Fragrance

Sacred Chamber
Sacred Chamber
Over the course of history, few people have had the opportunity of entering the Sacred Chamber housing the graves of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Abu Bakr and Umar radhiallahu anhuma. One common feature of these visits was the unique fragrance they all experienced over the centuries, despite the Chamber being enclosed:


Fitra/Fidya 2015

Fitra/Fidya Amounts for Ramadaan 2015/1436

KwaZulu Natal *
• Hanafi Fitra/Fidya:  R18


Gauteng #

• Hanafi Fitra/Fidya:  R20

• Shafi Fitra:                R25

• Shafi Fidya:              R6,25


Western Cape ¤
• Shafi Fitra:               R30
• Shafi Fidya:             R15

• Hanafi Fitra/Fidya: R15

Eastern Cape ~
• Hanafi Fitra/Fidya: R17
• Shafi Fitra:              R33
• Shafi Fidya:             R17
* Jamiatul Ulama KZN
¤ Muslim Judicial Council
~ Council of Ulama Eastern Cape

# Jamiatul Ulama South Africa

Amounts as at 22 June 2015 according to information on hand. Subject to verification and/or change

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