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Bringing Joy to Others PDF Print E-mail

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Lecture by Mufti Yusuf Moosagie at Lenasia Eidgah 28.07.2014
Virtues of Madinah Munawwarah PDF Print E-mail

Juma lecture by Moulana Nazeem Moosagie at Musjid Fuqara, Port Elizabeth 22.08.2014
Cleansing the Heart PDF Print E-mail

Juma lecture by Moulana Abdullah Khatib Musjid Fuqara, Port Elizabeth 29.08.2014
Palestine in the Quran and Hadith PDF Print E-mail

Juma Lecture by Moulana Shaheen Ismail at Musjid Mansoor, Port Elizabeth 15.08.2014
Lessons from the most Beautiful Story PDF Print E-mail

River Nile
River Nile
Lessons from the life of Prophet Yusuf alaihis salaam as recounted in the most beautiful of stories in the Quran.


1. Be discrete

When Yusuf alaihis salaam saw a dream of his brothers being subservient to him, he related it to his father Yaqoob alaihis salaam who told him not to relate it to his brothers, as they would plot against him. Seek help in fulfilling your needs (and ambitions) by being discrete (and telling as few people as possible); for every person who has a blessing, there are others who harbour jealousy against him (and would love for him fail.) Majmaul Zawaid


Notes from Gaza PDF Print E-mail

Notes from Gaza
Notes from Gaza
Life lessons that the noble Muslims of Gaza taught me as they went through yet another Zionist, Israeli genocide:


☑ "I always thought that Israel controls Gaza. But today, I have realised that Israel controls all Muslim countries except Gaza." ~ Sheikh Abdul Jabbar


Islamic Focus Issue 117 PDF Print E-mail
T's of Marriage PDF Print E-mail

Maulana Sindhi’s T's of a successful marriage:


T is for Taqwa - the foundation of a successful marriage. Fearing Allah allows both parties to live in harmony.

T is for Trust - don't allow any room for your spouse to doubt you and give them some personal space.

Brothers of Yusuf alaihis salaam and Ramadan PDF Print E-mail

From Ibn al-Jawzi's Bustan al-Wa'idhin wa Riyad as-Sami'in (p 213-4):


"The month of Ramadan to the other months is like Yusuf  to his brothers. So, just like Yusuf alaihis salaam was the most beloved son to Ya'qub alaihis salaam, Ramadan is likewise the most beloved month to Allah


Harness the Power of Ramadan PDF Print E-mail

Lecture delivered by Moulana Muhammad Badsha at Musjid Huda, Port Elizabeth 04.07.2014
Beyond Basics PDF Print E-mail

Beyond Basics
Beyond Basics
In our daily life, we are not generally content with the bare minimum. Whether it is cars, homes, cellphones or our businesses, we strive for achieving more than what we can just survive on. We need to apply this philosophy to our acts of worship and in striving to please Allah.


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