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Pro-Russian Leaders Targeted PDF Print E-mail
One Muslim leader shot dead and another wounded in attacks in the occupied-Russian republic of Tatarstan. The Mufti of Tatarstan was injured and a former deputy mufti was shot dead. Tatarstan has a large Muslim population. Both leaders were known for siding with Russia against Muslim freedom fighters. (BBC, 19 July 2012)
Azeri Armenia Clashes PDF Print E-mail
 Border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan saw 3 Armenian soldiers killed. (BBC, 5 June)
Footballer Refuses Alcohol PDF Print E-mail
Yaya Toure, a Muslim who does not drink alcohol, refused a ceremonial magnum of champagne for his man-of-the-match performance that led manchester City to their first English Premier League title in decades. (Daily Star, 9 May 2012)
Actor Drawn to Islam PDF Print E-mail
Irish actor Liam Neeson is said to be considering converting to Islam following a working trip to stanbul. Neeson admitted that Islamic prayer got into his spirit while he was filming in Turkey. (Dailymail, 26 Jan 2012)
Benetton Pulls Pope Ad PDF Print E-mail
Italian clothing company Benetton pulled an ad showing the Pope kissing a senior Egyptian imam after the Vatican launched a strong protest. (BBC, 16 Nov 2011)
Serbs Defy Nato PDF Print E-mail
Serbs in Kosovo defied demands by Nato to remove roadblocks, amid tensions over control of border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo. (BBC, 18 Oct 2011)
Turkey Pursues Kurd Rebels PDF Print E-mail
Turkish troops backed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships pursued Kurdish rebels into Iraq. It follows attacks by Kurdish rebels which killed 24 Turkish soldiers. (BBC, 19 Oct 2011)
Turkey Blasts Israel PDF Print E-mail
Turkish PM Erdogan said recognition of a Palestinian state is an obligation not an option. He also made a new attack on Israel, saying its government's mentality was a barrier to peace in the Middle East, and accused Israel of behaving like a spoilt child. (BBC, 13 Sep 2011)
Turkey Bombs Rebels PDF Print E-mail
Turkish jets bombed Kurdish rebel bases in northern Iraq in a series of air strikes which killed up to 160 rebels. The strikes follow a deadly attack by rebels that killed nine Turkish troops. (BBC, 29 Aug 2011)
Muslims Killed in UK Riots PDF Print E-mail
Rioting spread across London for three nights with unrest flaring in other English cities. Three Muslims were killed protecting property. (BBC, 9 Aug 2011)
Islamists Appoint Army Chiefs PDF Print E-mail
The Turkish Islamist government is to appoint new commanders of the armed forces, with civilians for the first time in charge of the process. It follows the resignations of the chief of the Turkish armed forces and army, navy and air force heads who were furious about the arrests of senior officers accused of plotting to undermine the government. (BBC, 1 Aug 2011)
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