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Romanian Online Islamic School PDF Print E-mail

Romanian Muslims launched the first online school to teach Islamic studies in Romanian. (IOL, 15 November 2009)

French Army Sends Soldiers for Hajj PDF Print E-mail

The French Defense Ministry provided its Muslim soldiers in the French army a plane to fly them and organize their stay for Hajj. Accommodation is provided by the Saudi Defense Ministry. (IOL, 15 September 2009)

Anger Over Bar at Cyprus Musjid PDF Print E-mail
Muslims are infuriated after Greek authorities announced the construction of a bar in the garden of the historic Hala Musjid, South Cyprus which reportedly houses the tomb of Umm Haram radhiallahu anha, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. (IOL, 29 October 2009)
Turkey-Armenia Relations PDF Print E-mail

Turkey is to establish diplomatic relations with Armenia on 10 October. (BBC, 27 September 2009)

Torture of Detainees Common in UK Army PDF Print E-mail

British soldiers who abused an Iraqi detainee who died in their custody were not just a few bad apples, a public inquiry has been told. Torture of Iraqi detainees was common throughout the UK army. A post-mortem on one detainee who was murdered by UK troops showed he suffered asphyxiation and had 93 injuries to his body, including fractured ribs and a broken nose. (BBC, 21 September 2009)

Row Over Mansion PDF Print E-mail

One of the grandest houses, the 17th-Century Hotel Lambert in Paris is now the focus of a bitter dispute. French conservationists are taking its new owner, a Qatari prince, to court to try to block his plan to renovate it. The prince bought it two years ago for anything from 60m euros (£50m). (BBC, 15 September 2009)

Belgian Schools to Ban Scarf PDF Print E-mail

State-run schools in Belgium are to ban the wearing of the Islamic headscarves in the Belgian Dutch-speaking region of Flanders. (PressTV, 12 September 2009)

Kurdish Language in Turkish University PDF Print E-mail

A Turkish university will for the first time teach the Kurdish language, which was banned in the country until 1991. (BBC, 11 September 2009)

Muslims Charged Over Cartoons PDF Print E-mail

An Arab organisation, the Arab European League, is to be put on trial in the Netherlands over its publication of a cartoon deemed offensive to Jews. The cartoon questions the Holocaust. The decision to prosecute illustrated bias against Muslim as the same standards were not applied to Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who made a film including blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Prosecutors said they would not put the far-right MP on trial for distributing the blasphemous Danish cartoons. (BBC, 2 September 2009)

Ingushetia Attacks PDF Print E-mail

20 killed and more than 70 wounded in an attack on a police station in Russian-occupied Muslim Ingushetia, next to Chechnya. (Al Jazeera, 18 August 2009)

France Bans Muslim Women's Swimsuit PDF Print E-mail

French officials banned a Muslim woman from swimming in a public pool while wearing a swimsuit that covers her entire body. The swimsuit is called a 'burkini': a loose-fitting garment resembling a wetsuit with a hood. This is the latest French discrimination of Muslim women. (BBC, 12 August 2009)

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