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Middle East
Muslim Brotherhood to Contest Elections PDF Print E-mail
Egypt's biggest opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, is to stand in a third of the seats in next month's parliamentary elections. The Islamist group, which is banned, won 20% of the seats in parliament in 2005 by fielding candidates as independents. (BBC, 10 Oct 2010)
Jewish Settler Leader Hits Boys PDF Print E-mail
Two Palestinian boys were injured after being delibrately hit by a car driven by a Jewish settler leader in East Jerusalem. Imran Mansur, 11, broke his leg while Iyad Gheit, 10, had to have glass removed from his arm. (BBC, 8 Oct 2010)
UAE to Allow Blackberry PDF Print E-mail
The United Arab Emirates will not go ahead with plans to ban Blackberry services. India and Saudi Arabia have threatened similar bans. (BBC, 8 Oct 2010)
Jewish Soldiers Used Children as Shields PDF Print E-mail
Israeli military court convicted two Israeli soldiers for using a Palestinian child as a human shield during an offensive in Gaza in 2009. (BBC, 3 Oct 2010)
Hamas Commander Killed PDF Print E-mail
Israeli forces shot dead Iyad Shilbaya, a local Hamas military commander in occupied West Bank. (BBC, 17 Sep 2010)
Thousands Flee Yemen Fighting PDF Print E-mail
15,000 Yemeni civilians fled their homes as the government pursues a new offensive against Islamists in the south. (BBC, 21 Sep 2010)
Saudi Blocks Fatwa Sites PDF Print E-mail
Several websites in Saudi Arabia offering fatwas have been blocked, following a decree by King Abdullah. The decree restricts the right to issue fatwas to members of an officially approved council of Islamic scholars. (BBC, 9 Sep 2010)
Fresh Clashes in Gaza PDF Print E-mail
3 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire near the Gaza Strip. This comes after Israeli warplanes struck Gaza Sep 9. There have been exchanges of fire near the Gaza border, while Palestinian fighters fired 5 rockets. (BBC, 12 Sep 2010)
Thousands Held without Charge in Iraq PDF Print E-mail
30,000 people imprisoned without charge and trial in Iraq, according to Amnesty International. Amnesty criticised the US for violating prisoners' right and said the use of torture was routine. Several detainees died in prison as the result of torture. (BBC, 12 Sep 2010)
Brotherhood Launches Facebook Alternative PDF Print E-mail
The Muslim Brotherhood launched its own Facebook-style social networking site called Ikhwanbook. (BBC, 24 Aug 2010)
Iran Unveils Unmanned Bomber PDF Print E-mail
Iran has unveiled its first domestically built unmanned, or drone, bomber. The 'Karrar' aircraft has a range of 1,000km (620 miles) and could carry two 250-pound (115kg) bombs, or a precision bomb of 500 pounds. (BBC, 22 Aug 2010)
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