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South Asia
Suspected Islamists Arrested in Bangladesh PDF Print E-mail

Five suspected Islamists of the banned Jamaat-ul Mujahideen group arrested in Bangladesh. The JMB is one of several groups trying to establish Islamic law in the country. (BBC, 28 September 2009)

More US Troops Killed in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail

Five US soldiers killed in attacks across southern Afghanistan. 2009 is the deadliest year for foreign troops since the US invasion and August the deadliest month for US forces since 2001. (BBC, 25 September 2009)

Bangladesh's First Lifeguards PDF Print E-mail

Australians are helping to train Bangladesh's first ever lifeguards. Drowning is the leading cause of death for Bangladeshi children: 17,000 lose their lives annually. Bangladesh is one of the wettest countries in the world: it has 700 rivers and a huge area is flooded during the monsoon every year. (BBC, 20 September 2009)

Stoning for Adultery in Aceh PDF Print E-mail

Indonesia's province of Aceh passed a new law making adultery punishable by stoning to death. The law also imposes severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling. Sharia law was partially introduced in Aceh in 2001. (BBC, 14 September 2009)

More Flooding in Indonesia PDF Print E-mail

38 people killed as flash floods struck six villages in an area of the Madina district in North Sumatra province, Indonesia. (BBC, 15 September 2009)

Malaysian Restaurant Defeats McDonalds PDF Print E-mail

US fast-food giant McDonald's lost an eight-year legal battle to prevent a Malaysian restaurant calling itself McCurry. McDonald's argued that the use of the 'Mc' prefix infringed its trademark. The owner of McCurry insists its 'Mc' prefix is an abbreviation for Malaysian Chicken Curry. (BBC, 8 September 2009)

Hundreds Flee Pakistan Fighting PDF Print E-mail

Hundreds of families are fleeing clashes between troops and Islamists in north-west Pakistan. The military has been firing from helicopters in the Bara area of the Khyber Agency. Ground troops are demolishing houses and making arrests. (BBC, 7 September 2009)

Gujarat Police Murdered Student PDF Print E-mail

A 19-year-old Muslim female student and three others were killed by police in a staged encounter in Gujarat, India, a judicial probe found. The probe has named a senior Gujarat police officer in connection with the cold-blooded murder. and said police had kidnapped the student and three others in Bombay. They were then brought to Ahmedabad and killed in police custody. (BBC, 8 September 2009)

Many Killed in Indonesia Earthquake PDF Print E-mail

A 7.0-magnitude quake earthquake killed 44 people and destroyed thousands of homes on 2 September in the Indonesian city of Cianjur. More than 300 people have been injured and dozens are still missing. (BBC, 3 September 2009)

No Suits for Bangladeshis PDF Print E-mail

Bangladesh PM ordered male government employees to stop wearing suits, jackets and ties to save electricity. This would minimise their use of air-conditioners. Bangladesh suffers from daily power cuts as power plants are unable to meet the country's demand. (BBC, 2 September 2009)

Freedom Fighters Killed in Kashmir PDF Print E-mail

Indian troops shot dead five Muslim freedom fighters who crossed into Kashmir. This happened two days after freedom fighters killed two Indian paramilitary soldiers in Srinagar. (BBC, 2 September 2009)

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