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South Asia
Hindus Force Study of Gita PDF Print E-mail
Opposition parties and minority groups in India's Karnataka state are angry that the Hindu scripture, Bhagvad Gita, must be taught in schools. The state, governed by the Hindu fundamentalist BJP directed schools to teach the Hindu holy book for three hours a week. The Education Minister said those who did not want to learn the Gita should leave India. (BBC, 20 July 2011)
Islamists Protest Constitution Changes PDF Print E-mail
Four strikes in a week called by Islamist groups shut down schools and businesses. Clashes between security forces and protesters left 50 injured. 100 were arrested in the protests over an amendment which drops the phrase 'absolute faith and trust in Allah' from the constitution, and makes secularism a principle. (BBC, 11 Jul 2011)
US Cuts Pakistan Aid PDF Print E-mail
US cut $800m in military aid to Pakistan. In a sign of their deteriorating relationship, Pakistan expelled more than 100 US military trainers and threatened to shut a CIA base. (BBC, 11 Jul 2011)
Kids Die in Crash PDF Print E-mail
31 school children died after their vehicle crashed into a canal in Bangladesh. (BBC, 11 Jul 2011)
Cattle Exports to Indonesia Stopped PDF Print E-mail
The Australian government suspends live cattle exports to Indonesia after reports of the brutal slaughter of animals there. (BBC, 8 Jun 2011)
Taliban Fighters attack Checkpoint PDF Print E-mail
More than 100 Taliban fighters stormed a security checkpoint in north-western Pakistan, killing 8 soldiers. (BBC, 9 Jun 2011)
Taliban Advance in Nuristan PDF Print E-mail
Fighters allied to the Taliban took another district in the strategically important Nuristan province in Afghanistan. At least three districts in Nuristan are now under Taliban control. The fighters control key routes into the provincial capital, Parun, allowing them to impose a blockade on the city. (BBC, 25 May 2011)
India Bungles Most Wanted List PDF Print E-mail
India is reviewing a list of 50 'most wanted fugitives' it says are hiding in Pakistan, a day after one of them was traced to a prison in Bombay, while another 'fugitive' had already been bailed and was living in Bombay with his mother. (BBC, 20 May 2011)
Pakistan Taliban Attacks Intensify PDF Print E-mail
Four killed and 22 wounded in a bomb attack on a police station in Peshawar, Pakistan. The building was close to Pakistani army facilities and the US consulate. Pakistani Taliban carried out the attack, several of which have taken place recently. Another bombing killed 80 paramilitary recruits, while Pakistani Taliban bombed a US consulate convoy in Peshawar. May 23, troops ended a siege by Taliban fighters who attacked a naval air force base in Karachi, killing 10 soldiers. (BBC, 25 May 2011)
Maldives Protests PDF Print E-mail
Police in the Maldives clashed with hundreds of protesters, preventing them from demonstrating over soaring food prices. (BBC, 6 May 2011)
Battle for Kandahar PDF Print E-mail
Afghan security forces battled Taliban fighters for two days in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (BBC, 8 May 2011)
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