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South Asia
Nato Troops Killed in Crash PDF Print E-mail
Nine Nato troops killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan. 529 foreign troops have been killed so far this year in Afghanistan, making it the deadliest year since the US-led invasion in 2001.(BBC, 21 Sep 2010)
Protests against Quraan Burning PDF Print E-mail
Two people died in Afghanistan as protests sparked by the threatened burning of the Quraan by a US pastor continued. Islamic centres in California and Texas have been vandalised and the site of a planned mosque in Tennessee has been set on fire. (BBC, 12 Sep 2010)
US Soldiers Keep Body Parts as Trophies PDF Print E-mail
US soldiers murdered Afghan civilians and took body parts as trophies, documents released by military officials allege. Military police are investigating British soldiers for trafficking heroin from Afghanistan. (BBC, 12 Sep 2010)
Kashmir Civilians Massacred PDF Print E-mail
Occupation forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir imposed a curfew in big towns in the region, after many people were wounded when police clashed with mass protests following Eid prayers. Police shot dead 18 civilians, Sep 12 in the deadliest day since protests erupted three months ago. (BBC, 12 Sep 2010)
1,000 Prisoners Released in Bangladesh PDF Print E-mail
1,000 long-serving prisoners in Bangladesh have been released to ease overcrowding in jails. Bangladesh's 67 prisons are overcrowded, holding 75,000 inmates, and living conditions are appalling. (BBC, 19 Aug 2010)
Baluch Violence PDF Print E-mail
16 people, including five security personnel, killed in two attacks in Pakistan's  province of Balochistan. Officials say Baluch rebels are responsible. (BBC, 14 Aug 2010)
Anthem Banned as Ringtone PDF Print E-mail
Bangladesh's High Court banned the use of the national anthem as a ring tone or welcome tune in mobile phones for commercial purposes. The court also fined three mobile phone operators for using the anthem to make money. (BBC, 5 Aug 2010)
Pakistan Flooding Worsens PDF Print E-mail
1,600 people have died in Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years. More than 14 million people have been affected. (BBC, 9 Aug 2010)
Malacca Allows Early Marriages PDF Print E-mail
The Malaysian state of Malacca is to allow marriages for young Muslims despite criticism from women's groups. The state government and its Islamic Religious Council said the move was aimed at reducing the number of babies born outside wedlock. (BBC, 4 Aug 2010)
Over 1,000 Dead in Pakistan Floods PDF Print E-mail
27,000 people stranded in Pakistan by the worst floods in 80 years. 1,100 people have died and 1.5 million people desperately need help. (BBC, 2 Aug 2010)
Violent Clashes in Kashmir PDF Print E-mail
Nine killed in violent clashes between locals and Indian police and paramilitary forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir. 32 people killed in clashes with police in Kashmir in the last seven weeks. (BBC, 2 Aug 2010)
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