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Quraan Desecration in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail

Protesters clash with foreign troops after Nato troops burned a copy of the Quraan in Helmand, Afghanistan. (BBC, 13 January 2010)

New Turkmenistan Gas Pipeline PDF Print E-mail
Turkmenistan opened a second gas pipeline to Iran, further eroding Russia's domination of its energy sector. (BBC, 6 January 2010)
Captured US Soldier on Video PDF Print E-mail
Taliban release video showing US soldier Bergdahl captured in Afghanistan 6 months ago. (BBC, 25 December 2009)
Taliban Storm City PDF Print E-mail

Taliban fighters stormed the city of Gardez, Afghanistan engaging in a several hours-long battle. (BBC, 21 December 2009)

Turkmenistan-China Gas Pipeline PDF Print E-mail

A new 1,800km pipeline was opened to deliver gas from Turkmenistan to China. It breaks Russia's long-standing stranglehold on Turkmenistan's vast gas supplies and runs through Muslim Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to Xinjiang (Chinese-occupied Muslim East Turkestan). (BBC, 14 December 2009)

Sunni Executed in Iran PDF Print E-mail

Iranian Shias executed a Jundullah Sunni fighter. Jundullah says it is fighting against the political and religious oppression of the country's Sunni Muslims. (BBC, 3 November 2009)

Taliban Kill UK Troops PDF Print E-mail

Taliban kill five British soldiers in Helmand, Afghanistan. A total of 92 UK troops have been killed this year, the highest annual figure since 1982. (BBC, 4 November 2009)

Protests Over Quraan Desecration PDF Print E-mail

There have been protests in the Afghan capital, Kabul, after foreign troops in the country burnt a copy of the Quraan. (BBC, 25 October 2009)

Biggest Musjid in Central Asia PDF Print E-mail

Work has begun on a gigantic new mosque in Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe. When completed in five years, it will be Central Asia's largest mosque, able to hold 150,000 worshippers. The government of Qatar is paying for it. (BBC, 23 October 2009)

Muslims Sentenced to Death in China PDF Print E-mail

A Chinese court sentenced six Muslims to death for riots in Chinese-occupied Muslim East Turkestan (Xinjiang) in July. Many Muslim Uighurs were killed. (BBC, 12 October 2009)

Deadliest Attack in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail

Eight US soldiers killed in the deadliest attack on coalition troops for more than a year. (BBC, 4 October 2009)

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