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Hundreds of Muslim Uighurs Arrested PDF Print E-mail

1,500 people detained after Chinese police cracked down on Muslim Uighurs leaving over 200 dead. Uighurs live in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan. (BBC, 3 August 2009)

China Launches Arabic TV PDF Print E-mail

China is launching an Arabic-language TV channel to show the Middle East and North Africa the government view of China. (BBC, 25 July 2009)

Deadliest Month for Nato in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail

55 Nato soldiers killed in Afghanistan in July, 17 from the UK. More foreign troops have been killed in July than in any other month since the US invasion in 2001. (BBC, 21 July 2009)

Turkish PM Accuses China of Genocide PDF Print E-mail

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused China of genocide against Muslim Uighurs recently in occupied East Turkestan (Xinjiang). Turkey shares linguistic and religious links with the Uighurs. (BBC, 14 July 2009)

Iran Executes Sunnis PDF Print E-mail

Iran executed 13 members of a Sunni rebel group, Jundallah, blamed for a rebellion against Shias in Sistan-Baluchestan. Most people in the province are Sunni Muslims. (BBC, 14 July 2009)

Chinese Police Torture Muslims PDF Print E-mail

BBC issues eye-witness and video reports of Chinese police attacking defenceless Muslims in Xinjiang (occupied Muslim East Turkestan). (BBC, 10 July 2009)

Ban on Friday Prayers Defied PDF Print E-mail

Some Musjids in Urumqi, Muslim Xinjiang (East Turkestan) opened their doors to hundreds of worshippers, who turned up in spite of a Chinese ban on Muslim Friday prayers (juma). At least 156 people killed and more than 1,000 wounded when Chines police unleashed a massive crackdown on the Muslims of Xinjiang (East Turkestan). (IOL, 10 July 2009)

More UK Troops Killed in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail

Two UK troops killed in attacks in Helmand province in Afghanistan, bringing the total to nine killed in nine days. Total UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001 is now 178. (BBC, 10 July 2009)

Hundreds Killed in East Turkestan PDF Print E-mail

Police attacked protestors in Chinese-occupied Muslim Xinjiang (East Turkestan) killing 140 and injuring more than 800. Muslims say 600 were killed. Hundreds were arrested. Uighurs in Xinjiang are Turkic Muslims. China occupied Xinjiang in 1949 after crushing the Muslim state of East Turkestan. (BBC, 6 July 2009)

US to Keep Kyrgyz Base after Increasing Rent PDF Print E-mail

Kyrgyzstan's parliament approved a deal to allow the US to keep an airbase used to support operations in Afghanistan, after the US agreed to more than triple its annual rent to $60m (R480m). (BBC, 25 June 2009)

Deadly Protests in Iran PDF Print E-mail

Iranian riot police fired tear gas to break up an opposition rally in Tehran. Street protests are being held over disputed presidential election results. 10 people died so far in protests. (BBC, 22 June 2009)

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