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A bald man was once explaining to his daughter the importance of putting everything into its proper perspective. She was not getting what he meant so he said: ‘Look. If I have a single strand of hair on my head it’s too little.

But that single strand in a bowl of soup you’ve made is too much.’


Life is made up of various disappointments and heartaches. These need to be put into perspective if we don’t want to be snowed under and feel overwhelmed. When we are going through a bad patch, the Hadith encourages us to look at those who are worse off. The little money we have now seems a lot when compared to someone who has none. The Hadith tells us not to look at those who are better off for then we will feel despondent.


Likewise, whatever hardship we might be undergoing is nothing when we compare it to Paradise. A moment of Paradise will make all the suffering of this world seem insignificant. On the other hand, a moment in Hell will make all the good times of this world pale into nothing.


When we feel swamped under by our life of sin and there seems to be no relief in sight, then we need to reflect on Qur’aan which exhorts us to remember that Allah’s Mercy is limitless and no amount of sin is ever too much to be wiped out totally by His Forgiveness.


Put life’s tests into the proper perspective and things will go much smoother.

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