Monday, June 26, 2017
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Toothpick City II will be a collection of more than 40 famous religious buildings and tall towers from around the world standing side by side.

The exhibit will be made entirely of toothpicks and glue with the structures built to a 1:164 scale. When completed, it will be the largest toothpick structure in the world with almost 4 million toothpicks. 
Among the Islamic structures is the Grand Musjid in Makkah (the Ka’bah) which alone contains more than a quarter-million toothpicks. Other Musjids include King Hassan II, Djenne Musjid and the Dome of the Rock.  The project will take Stan Munro 5 years to complete. 
To see amazing pictures of the Ka’bah built entirely with toothpicks, visit
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