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The Hadith teaches us that the way to Paradise is filled with actions that might seem difficult to us. When compared to the instant enjoyment of sin, fasting in Ramdaan, waking up for Fajr and depriving oneself of sin seem like a heavy strain upon one’s soul.

Therefore, the Hadith compares this world to a prison for a Muslim; his eating, dressing, free time, daily timetable and every other aspect is regulated like that of a prisoner.


This strain upon one’s soul bears tremendous reward, though. It can be compared to a diamond:


Diamonds are formed at high-pressure high-temperature conditions existing at depths between 140 and 190 km in the earth’s mantle. A strong Muslim is formed from the high-pressure of abstaining from sin and consistent obedience to Allah.


A diamond is the hardest known natural material known. A Muslim who bears the strain of obedience to Allah becomes unshakeable in his/her belief.


The diamond disperses white light into spectral colours, giving it a sparkle. A Muslim who dedicates his/her life to Allah becomes a person whom others look to for guidance and shines with the special light of Islam.


After undergoing the extreme process to become a precious stone, the diamond becomes valuable and sought-after. A Muslim who chooses the road to Paradise, lined with hardship, becomes sought-after, someone whom others are ready to sacrifice for.

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