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One day Ahmad, a young boy, ran away from home when his mother shouted him. He came eventually to a doughnut stall and stood there. The doughnut seller asked if he would like a doughnut.

Ahmad replied in the affirmative but said he had no money. The doughnut seller gave him one for free and Ahmad thanked him profusely. The stall-owner asked what he was doing there. Ahmad said that he had run away from home as his mother had shouted him.


The doughnut seller said, "You thanked me so much even though I had only given you one doughnut. Your mother has prepared hundreds of meals for you and yet you get angry with her." Ahmad felt ashamed of himself and immediately rushed home. The first thing his mother said was "I’ve been so worried about you. Where have you been? Never mind, come in, your supper is getting cold."


How often don’t we show extreme gratitude to strangers for doing us favours yet we are exceedingly ungrateful to those, like our parents, who give us a lifetime of bounties?


Give thanks where it is most due: to parents especially and do not let the opportunity slip by. 


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