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Pocket Quraan
Pocket Quraan
Muslim Tech Watch:


There are several options for having the whole Qur’aan in Arabic on your cellphone. We tested the basic, free version that works on most cellphones.

The download of PocketQuran v0.97 is easily found by searching on the web or visiting or click here to download from our website. It can be installed directly from your phone’s web browser or downloaded to a PC and installed on your phone via Bluetooth or cable.



Contains complete Qur’aan in Arabic.

Verse number and division markers.

Search capability and touch screen support (for phones that have it).

An Arabic on-screen keyboard is included for searching.

Index has all Surahs and a click takes you to the Surah.

Options for saving 3 bookmarks and to go to a specific verse.


The font used might take some getting used to, although Huffaaz and those who recite Qur’aan frequently shouldn’t have a problem. Requires a Java-Enabled phone that supports MIDP 2.0 and JAR sizes of 320 KB or more (that’s basically most phones). Other versions are available with several English translations (and other languages).


Advanced versions for smartphones include Tafseer (commentary) and Audio Qur’aan synchronized with the Qur’aan text display. Use the cellphone to recite the Qur’aan in your free time.


Click Here to download

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