Sunday, May 28, 2017
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With the abundance of evil around us it’s easy to get disillusioned and lose heart. When one hears about the increase in crime, the high divorce rate, the flood of drugs, then the thought might come to mind:

What hope is there for the good people of this world? Would they be wiped out soon, leaving only evil?
Someone asked a pious man these questions. The pious man said, ‘Look at dogs and sheep. Dogs are generally considered to be dirty and vicious. They give birth to litters of five or six pups, whereas sheep, which are considered docile and humble, give birth to one or two lambs at a time.
People slaughter sheep in their hundreds for meat while relatively few dogs are deliberately killed. Yet, with all this, one finds flocks of sheep, sometimes hundreds, grazing about in various parts of the world. The same cannot be said of dogs who roam in small numbers.
The sheep represent the good people in this world. No matter how much they are attacked, they always prevail and in fact continue growing stronger. While dogs represent the evil ones who, despite all the resources at their fingertips, cannot overcome the good.’
Do not lose heart when you hear of the atrocities being perpetrated upon Muslims worldwide. No amount of effort to stifle and wipe out Islam and the Muslims will ever succeed. Many a small, ill-equipped group treading the path of truth has overcome well-resourced groups of evil-doers intent on wiping them out.
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