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A well-dressed man walked up to an old, homeless man sitting on the ground. He began to lift the old man. ‘Leave me alone!’ he said angrily. A policeman asked, ‘Is there a problem?’ ‘Help me get this man to his feet.’

The officer said, ‘What do you want with old Jack?’ ‘I want to get him something to eat.’
The policeman and well-dressed man got Jack into a restaurant. The officer told the manager, ‘This man brought Jack to be fed.’ ‘Not in here!’ said the manager. The well-dressed man turned to the manager and said, ‘Do you know Eddy and Associates, the law firm?’ ‘Of course,’ the manager said, ‘They hold their weekly meetings here.’ ‘Do you make good money from these meetings?’ ‘What business is that of yours?’ ‘I’m Eddy, president and CEO of the company.’ The manager went to get the food.
Eddy said, ‘Jack, do you remember me?’ Jack said, ‘You look familiar.’ ‘I'm older,’ Eddy said, ‘than when you worked here, and I came through the door, cold and hungry. I couldn’t find a job and was down to my last cents. I walked in on the off chance I’d get food.’ Jack said, ‘Now I remember. You asked to work for something to eat. I said it was against company policy.’ Eddy spoke, ‘Then you made me the biggest roast beef sandwich I’d ever seen, gave me a cup of coffee and told me to go to a table and enjoy it. I saw you put the money for my food in the till.’
Eddy pulled out a business card. ‘Go see Mr. Lyons, the personnel director of my company. I'm certain he'll find something for you to do around the office. Come to me for anything you need’
We reap the fruit of the seeds of goodness we plant.
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