Monday, June 26, 2017
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Makkah Tower
Makkah Tower
The world’s biggest clock in Makkah, with a diametre of more than 40 metres, can be seen from a distance of eight kilometres, and is part of the 400-metre clock tower.

The clock will be six times bigger than London’s Big Ben. It sits atop the Makkah Clock Royal Tower complex, the world’s second tallest building, which has over 500 shopping and food outlets, luxury apartments, and the 1,005-room Fairmont Hotel. There are a total of 76 elevators. The complex overlooks the Kabah.
The tower housing the clock is being built in a unique Islamic architectural style, while the clock has four faces, one in each direction. The Name of Allah will be inscribed on the four clock faces.
The clock will display Makkah Time, a challenge to the 100 years of Greenwich Mean Time centred on the Big Ben in London. The world’s 1,5 billion Muslims could now use Makkah Time to start the official new day.
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