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Muslim women have made a considerable contribution to the rich heritage of Islam. Khadija radhiallahu anha, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, was the world’s first Muslim.

Her financial and emotional support in the early days of Islam served as the most critical contribution to the religion.
Likewise, two other wives of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Aeysha and Umm Salama radhiallahu anhuma became renowned transmitters of Hadith after his demise. Urwa radhiallahu anhu says: ‘I have not seen anyone who was more knowledgeable in theology, medicine and poetry than Aeysha radhiallahu anha.’
Abu Musa radhiallahu anhu reports that every time they were confronted with a Hadith they could not understand, they would refer it to Aeysha radhiallahu anha who always had information about it.
Nafissa bint Al Hassan, a student of Imam Malik rahimahullah, lectured in Egypt. Her lectures were attended by the most prominent scholars of the time, including Imam Shafi rahimahullah. I
nterestingly, there is not a single Hadith which has been rejected from a woman on account of her being a liar. Imam Dhahabi affirms: ‘There are many men who have fabricated Hadith. However, no woman in the history of Islam has been accused of fabrication.’
One of the most important founders of Sufi thought was a lady named Rabia Al Adawiya from Basra. She is recognized as the first person to express the nowstandard Sufi belief of ‘divine love’.
In the beginning of the 9th century, Alia bint Tayeb taught logic in Andalus Musjid in Fez, Morocco.
Fathima Al Fihria built Al Qarawyeen Musjid which became the first university in the world.
The royal Ayyubid women in Egypt used their wealth and position to establish Waqfs for schools and hospitals.
In South Africa, the land for the first Musjid, known as Awwal Musjid in Cape Town, was donated by a Muslim lady known as Saartjie Van De Kaap.
 Undoubtedly, most of the greatest achievements of Muslim women have been in the home, the starting point of society. As mothers and wives, they have moulded the fabric of the Muslim nation, producing great scholars, Mujahids and a myriad others. Their selflessness in giving their all will be among the greatest sources of reward on the Day of Reckoning as they reap the rewards of countless saints, scholars, Huffaaz and Mujahids they helped produce.
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