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Quraan Pen
Quraan Pen
There’s new technology on the market to make it easier to learn how to recite the Quraan. We haven’t actually tested the item, but the Quraan Reading Pen sounds like a good idea.

A sensor on the tip of the pen allows invisible codes to be read by Sheikh Sudais or Ajmi and others in high quality voice audio when pointed on the specially printed Quranic pages.
Simply touch the pen on the surah title to hear the recitation of that whole surah. Or touch one verse to hear the pen recite only that ayat. Press the repeat button to hear the last played surah or ayat. It's simple and ready to use. No set-up or software installation required. A very effective way of learning the Quraan.
MP3 pen
Built-in speaker
Volume control
Repeat function
Select reciter function
Included is the rechargeable pen, a specially printed Quraan, daily dua and Hajj dua booklet, USB lead, headphones and neck strap.
Requires 2xAAA batteries. Items might differ according to dealer. The advertised price seems to be in the region of R1000. Appears to be an ideal tool for someone who’s learning to read the Quraan.
Tel: 021 426 2084
Cell: 083 286 2480
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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