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Old Man
Old Man
The old man shuffled into the restaurant leaning on his cane. His tattered jacket, patched trousers, worn out shoes and warm personality made him stand out from the usual breakfast crowd.



 A young waiter named Aadil ran over and said, ‘Here, sir. Let me give you a hand with that chair.’ Aadil pulled the chair away from the table. Steadying him with one arm, he helped him get comfortably seated. Then he scooted the table up close to him, and leaned his cane against the table.
In a soft voice the old man said, ‘Thank you, lad.’ ‘You're welcome, sir,’ he replied. ‘My name is Aadil. I'll be back in a moment. If you need anything just wave!’ After he’d finished a hearty meal of pancakes, sausages, and hot tea, Aadil brought him his receipt. He helped him up from his chair, handed him his cane and walked with him to the front door. Holding the door open for him, he said, ‘Come back again, Sir!’ ‘You are very kind,’ the old man said softly.
When Aadil went to clean his table, he found under his plate a business card and a note scribbled on a napkin. Under the napkin was R1,000. The note read: 'Dear Aadil, your kind gestures will earn you much reward along life’s road.'
The man Aadil had waited on was the owner of the restaurant where he worked. This was the first time any of his employees had ever seen him in person.
We are constantly tested in life to see how we deal with others. None other than Allah watches our conduct and we will definitely see the fruit of our actions.
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