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Cash Register
Cash Register
The Quraan states: ‘When the (Friday) prayer is complete, disperse through the land and seek the bounty of Allah (through trade or lawful activity.’ The Hadith tells us that ‘The quest of halaal earning is a duty after a duty.’ Thus, seeking a halaal sustenance is a religious obligation second in importance to religious observances like prayer, fasting, etc.

A. Legal Activity
Trade entails dealing with people. The association between buyer and seller must be sustained by:

1. Mutual Consent. ‘O you who believe, do not eat up each other’s property by wrong means except by way of trade based on mutual consent.’ (Quraan)

2. Unimposing Salesmanship. ‘Beware of excessive oaths in trade, it (may help) to secure a deal but will subsequently wipe out blessings.’ (Hadith)

3. Compassion. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, ‘May Allah show compassion to a man who is lenient when he sells, buys or demands payment.’ (Bukhari)

4. Legal Commodity. A Muslim may only sell items that he himself is allowed to use or consume. Umar radhiallahu anhu found out that a man was selling alcohol. He said, ‘May Allah curse him! Does he not know that Allah’s Messenger sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said: ‘May Allah curse the Jews. Allah had prohibited them from consuming the fat of animals, yet they melted it and sold it.’’ (Bukhari)


Adapted from Jamiatul Ulama Fordsburg
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