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The marital home is often the scene of acrimonious fighting, often extending to include family members and the community.


Step 1: The Quraan firstly advises that the issue be resolved within the home: ...As for women whose disobedience you fear, convince them, and leave them apart in beds, … (Quraan 4:34)

The first step is to talk it over nicely and softly. If this fails, the next step is not to share beds. This means the husband will not leave the house but remain in it. This is one of the rights of the wife over the husband: ...and do not leave them apart unless it be within the house. (Mishkaat, pg 281)
Step 2: These steps are designed to allow tempers to cool off within the home. At times the feud turns into a confrontation between families. To prevent this, the Quraan outlines the second method of resolving the dispute within the family but without going to a court of law: And if you fear a split between them, send one arbitrator from his people and one from her people… (Quraan 4:35) These arbitrators should try to bring about an amicable resolution.
Arbitration should also be used in other disputes, especially where parties are related to one another, because a court decision is a short-term solution, breeding seeds of hostility. Umar radhiallahu anhu instructed his judges: Send disputes between relatives back to them so that they make peace with the help of each other, as a court decision breeds heart -burnings and hostility. (Mueenul Hukkam, pg 214)
Adapted from: Maariful Quraan, Vol 2, Pg 417-431
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