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A wise and pious rich man, sensing his approaching death, called his son and instructed him: ‘I shall die soon. When I die and my body has been washed and is about to be shrouded, I want you to put one of my socks on my foot. This is my final request.’


Soon after the man died, leaving behind properties and wealth. Family and friends attended his funeral. The body had been washed and almost completely enshrouded when the son remembered his father’s wish. Finding one of his old socks, he handed it to the person who washed the dead and said: ‘In accordance with my father’s last request, please put this sock on his foot.’
‘That is impossible,’ said the man, ‘Such a thing is not allowed in Islam.’ The son insisted that, as it was his father’s final wish, it must be carried out. The washer was unmoved and told the boy to consult with the scholars. They all agreed it was not allowed. Just then an old friend of the deceased interrupted and said to the son: ‘My boy, your late father entrusted me with a letter to give to you at such a time. Here it is.’
He handed the son the envelope and the boy read: ‘My son, all this wealth and property I have left for you. Now you see, at the last moment they won’t even let you give me one old sock. You will also one day only take a shroud. So use the wealth wisely and increase in good deeds, the only thing you can take with you on the journey beyond death.’
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