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In Tabligh we are encouraged to speak to others about the greatness of Allah. People argue that the speakers are always telling others what to do but they themselves are never practicing. Here’s how a preachers life will change after preaching to others:


There was once a man who, after spending his entire life on the farm, decided to see how the city looks. As he walked in the city center, a barber shop got his attention. In amazement, for an entire hour he just watched the man cut hair. His cousin, who was born and bred in the city, noticed the astonished look on his face and asked the reason for such astonishment.
The farm boy was marveled at the thought that, whilst the entire city was chasing after money, this man takes out his time and helps others by cutting their hair. The city boy then explained that the barber is also after money. It looks as if he is just helping people but in reality there is a great financial benefit for him. He explained that if you want your hair to be cut you have to pay a certain amount.
So if three people cut their hair, each customer will gain one benefit of having his hair cut. However the barber will have three benefits of money. In the same way, it looks as if the preacher is going around and telling others what to do, whereas in reality there is a great spiritual benefit for him. Every time he speaks to someone his own heart gets affected. So if he speaks to five people, the five might benefit or might not benefit but the speaker would have benefited five times.
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