Friday, May 26, 2017
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Ogilvy Noor
Ogilvy Noor
Western brands are increasingly optimizing their advertising in Muslim countries, hoping to win customers in this lucrative market. An example is Sunsilk’s shampoo ad in Malaysia which targets Muslim women who wear the headscarf.



For decades western companies failed to appreciate the Muslim consumer as Muslims failed to adopt an Islamic consciousness. This has changed as more Muslims are discovering their Islamic heritage and moving away from a western lifestyle. Now, instead of just importing products and advertising from the west, companies are developing marketing campaigns and formulating products with Muslims in sight. Islamic marketing is the next wave in branding, say experts.
After China and India, the next big market is the Muslim market. Colgate-Palmolive obtained Halal certification for toothpaste and mouthwash products in Malaysia. Nokia introduced Islamic applications for their cellphones. Ogilvy & Mather introduced the Noor Index which rates the appeal of brands to Muslim consumers. Lipton Tea topped the list, followed by Nestlé. The global Halal market is estimated at $2.1 trillion annually, and 85 of Nestlé’s 456 factories are certified Halal. Emirates, the Dubai based airline, was ranked at the bottom of the poll as it serves alcohol, and therefore not seen as a Muslim brand.
It’s encouraging that research shows young Muslim consumers increasingly believe that by staying true to their religious beliefs they are more likely to achieve success in the modern world.
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