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A man was one day traveling along a farm road with his car. Taking a bend, the car lost control and landed up in a ditch. He looked around for help to pull the car out.

A man with a donkey cart happened along. He tied a rope to the car and shouted at his donkey Jojo: "Nelly, pull!" The donkey did not move. He then shouted: "Ranger, pull!" Again the donkey stood motionless. A third time he shouted: "Jojo, pull!" and the donkey strained, dragging the car out of the ditch.


The grateful driver thanked the farmer, but asked out of curiosity: "Why did you call the donkey by the wrong name twice?" "Well," replied the farmer, "Jojo is lazy. He’s also a bit blind in his eyes. If he thought that two other donkeys were helping him pull, he would also do so. But if he thought that he was working alone, he would have refused to budge an inch."


Morals: To get the most out of people, especially our kids, we need to use wisdom. We need to work out strategies to help them realize their true and full potential.


Likewise, many of us are worshipping Allah Ta’ala well below our best. We need a wise guide who can harness our full potential and help us soar in Allah Ta’ala’s obedience and worship.

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