Monday, May 29, 2017
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Islamic Way App
Islamic Way App
TEQDAS, a local South African app development company, has launched an app for Blackberry phones called Islamic Way. It is designed for use by South African Muslims.


Users can search for the contact details and directions to the nearest Masaajid to their current location. The app uses GPS but can also triangulate your position between cellphone towers even if your phone doesn’t have GPS.
In addition to this, users can search through an extensive database containing the details of hundreds of Halaal bakeries, butcheries and restaurants. These searches can be filtered by name, address, suburb or simply by what’s near a user’s current location.
A new feature added is the Salaat time calculator that gives daily prayer times based on the user’s position as well as the option to save these times as an alarm.
TEQDAS is planning to add additional features to the app over the next few months. The TEQDAS team are already testing a number of new features, including a Zakaat calculator and a number of ‘Live Community’ features that will send news, events and other religious communication straight to your Blackberry Device. It is designed to run on Blackberry devices with OS 5 and above. It is currently available for download on Blackberry App World.
There is a free trial version and an option to purchase the full version.
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