Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Close You Eyes by Muhammad al Muqit

Close your eyes and remind yourself
Sweet praise like fragrances
Make your vision for the piety of God
And love the green(i.e clean; pure) way of life
Allah the creator has excelled it (i.e your life)
So you can enjoy it in purity
With things which He has allowed!
What was (once) honey changed to sugar.
We look to the universe,
We look to good,
We look at our wife, or the birds!
But when we look at forbidden things… what a shame!
This becomes a great injustice to ourselves!
And we keep our eyes away from haraam with love (for Allah),
as the two angels count (our deeds)
and we look forward to the blissful things in life,
and its nature we think and ponder upon,
we keep the eyes (vision) to make Allah satisfied.
With what he has ordered us!
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