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Some customs from around the world in preparation for Ramadaan:


London. Before Ramadaan, the super-rich Arabs descend on London, staying at five-star hotels and splashing out at the most exclusive shops. 80% of five-star hotels in London are occupied by Arabs prior to Ramadaan.

The average British shopper spends £120, the American £550, while the average Saudi spends £1,900.
Cairo. One of the customs in Egypt is to nickname dates after celebrities. Last year, the least desirable dates were called ‘Hosni Mubarak’. Lanterns are also traditionally hung up all over the city, in houses, shops and on the streets, before Ramadaan.
South Africa. Huffaaz begin their preparations for reciting the Quran in Taraweeh prayers by heart. Venues get their reciters arranged. Another sign of the approach of Ramadaan is the piles of timetables in the Musjids, detailing the times for beginning and ending the fast in Ramadaan.
Dubai. Children celebrate the coming of Ramadaan on the 15th night of Shabaan, two weeks before Ramadaan. They dress up and go in groups to houses, reciting Nasheeds. People give them sweets and money.
Norway. Muslims in some parts fast 20 hours a day in summer. Imams from Muslim countries are invited to lead Taraweeh and Musjids prepare for bigger crowds. Schedules see workers work less in Ramadaan, and compensate for it after the month.
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