Monday, July 24, 2017
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A couple spotted an exceptional teacup they asked to examine. As the owner handed it to them, the teacup spoke: ‘I have not always been a teacup. There was a time when I was a lump of clay. My master pounded and patted me. I cried out, ‘Don’t do that!’ But he said, ‘Not yet.’


Then I was placed on a potter’s wheel and I was spinning round.’ I screamed. But my master said, ‘Not yet.’ ‘He poked and reshaped me. Then he put me in a hot oven!’ He said ‘Not yet.’ ‘When I thought I wouldn’t be able to bear it he placed me on a shelf, and I began to cool. But after I had cooled he painted me. The fumes were horrible!’ Again he said, ‘Not yet.’ ‘Then he put me in another oven twice as hot! I was convinced I would not survive.
Then the door opened, and he took me out and placed me on the shelf, where I cooled. An hour later my master held up a mirror and said, ‘Look at yourself.’ I did, and I couldn’t believe what I saw for I had never before seen anything so beautiful. He said: ‘I know it hurt to be pounded but had I left you alone, you’d have dried up. I know it made you dizzy to be spun, but had I stopped you would have crumbled. I know you found the oven hot, but had I not put you in you would have cracked. I know how disagreeable were the fumes, but without paint you wouldn’t have color. And I know the conditions in the second oven were worse, but without it you would have been frail and not survived long. Now you are a finished product.’
Allah knows exactly why He puts us through different tests in life. If we bear them patiently, we will become better people.
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