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Enjoying Gaza’s 3 month annual summer vacation is difficult. Outside travel is restricted and opportunities for recreation are limited.



Since 2009 Islamic organisations, complemented by the Waqf Ministry, devised an annual program to draw youth closer to the Musjid and fruitful use of the vacation.

Dar al Quran Was Sunnah 4 years ago oversaw the first co-ordinated Hifz Memorisation program at Gaza’s Musjids. The mission: Attempting to get youth age 8-25 to memorise the entire Quran in 12 weeks.
What began as a pilot project catering only for high performing students quickly outgrew itself when it was discovered that the majority of students memorised the entire Quran within the short period and found the process to be less strenuous than originally perceived. In its second year, the program was expanded to 1,000 youth, the majority of whom memorised the entire Quran. A year later, 10,000 youth graduated.
The program is a 6-8 hour regimen of memorisation. The day begins with Fajr. Thereafter participants come together in circles of Zikr, Salaah and Dua. Everyone is then placed individually. Students memorise the Quran page by page. They recite the Quran back to their superiors each time they complete a new page. Some memorise 5-10 pages daily, others up to 50. After Zuhr, lunch is served. Thereafter students undertake day’s Quran learning. A new day begins with recitation of whatever was learnt before, after which permission is given to proceed.
Students, some as young as 10 completed Hifz in just 40 days. One handicapped orphan memorised 3-4 Juz daily, completing Hifz in only 20 days. Sometimes participants have no lunch, sometimes they have no tea, sometimes they have nothing due to the Gaza siege. Yet they still continue. The Program caters for both males and females. The majority of Musjids in Gaza have adopted the program.
Adapted from article by Ebrahim Moosa, Cii Broadcasting
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