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A common practice is to speak ill of the incompetence of government. The Hadith outlines a simple solution for better rulers:

‘Allah says, ‘I am Allah besides whom there is no Deity, the Master of Kings, King of Kings. Verily the hearts of kings are under My control. When My servants obey me, I turn the hearts of kings and rulers towards them so that they rule over them with mercy and kindness and when My servants disobey Me, I turn the hearts of kings and rulers to treat them harshly, with anger and vengeance. Hence they mete out torture and oppression. So do not occupy yourselves with praying for curses upon kings and instead turn to Me in remembrance and with humanity. And I will preserve you against the tyranny of the kings.’
‘When Allah desires the well being of a nation, He appoints tolerant, good natured rulers over them. The learned scholars (Ulama) judge their cases (justly and with knowledge). And their wealth lies in the hands of the generous ones (so that all benefit through their generosity). And when Allah desires bad for a nation (because of their wickedness), He appoints fools to rule over them, their ignorant ones judge their cases and their wealth lies in the hands of the stingy ones.’
‘When Allah is angry with a people and the ultimate extreme punishment like the earth caving in upon them, or transfiguration of men into animals does not descend upon them, He causes prices (of commodities) to rise high and rains to be withheld from them and the worst of people are made to rule over them.’ 
From article by Jamiat KZN
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