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Stop Porn
Stop Porn
When the Sahaba captured Jerusalem the Romans resorted to displaying their women semi nude on the pathways of the Muslim soldiers. The Sahaba were powerhouses of faith. They lowered their gaze and none of them fell for the sleazy ploy.


‘Every religion has a distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is modesty.’ (Bayhaqi) The strength of Muslims was always in their Imaan (faith). The more Imaan we had the more modesty we had in our societies. ‘Indeed modesty and faith are companions. When one of them is lifted, the other leaves as well.’ (Bayhaqi)
The most effective way we can tackle this onslaught on our souls is by building our faith:
Repent to Allah. Do not give up hope and remember that it’s not impossible to quit.
Lower the gaze. There is no temptation greater for men than women. It is not permitted for a man to look at any strange woman.
Socialising. No casual chatting or friendships with strange women.
Three M’s. Get rid of the three M’s – Music, Movies and Masturbation.
Trash filthy celebrities. Block immoral content on your browser.
By now you have closed most of the outlets for immorality and you’ll notice the difference in your life. Your strength and mind power will improve dramatically. 
By Faraz Omar
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