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Things we can do to achieve peace and harmony within the family:


1. Pray to Allah together daily.


2. Be positive role models by following the example of Prophet sallallahu alaihim wa sallam in every aspect of our lives.
3. Develop love, manners and respect for each other by hugging, speaking in low tones, saying please and thank you, and showing compassion and concern for each other.
4. Clearly assign specific tasks and responsibilities for all family members, so each one can actively participate and learn to willingly help each other (be involved).
5. Communicate with each other regularly. Have family discussions. Encourage everyone to share his or her feelings, thoughts, and opinions. Don't just talk, listen.
6. Consult each other regularly.
7. Establish a library of Islamic books, magazines, cd’s to read and listen to together.
8. Visit the local mosque or Islamic center together for prayer, classes, talks, Eid celebrations and other activities.
9. Relax, unwind and reduce stress together. Play board games. Walk. Play outdoor games. Visit a park, playground or museum or go on a picnic together. The key word is ‘together’. Do things ‘together’, as a family, whether it's praying to Allah or just relaxing!
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