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Moulana Ismail Kathrada related that once Moulana Maseehullah Khan rahimahullah asked his young son whether he collected anything. When his son replied in the negative, Moulana Maseehullah asked if he wanted to collect stamps as he got letters daily from around the world.


The youngster agreed and Moulana Maseehullah rahimahullah asked him to come daily at a certain time to collect the stamps he would have ready. This continued with regularity. When the youngster happened to go away for some time, Moulana Maseehullah would keep all the stamps and give them to him when he returned.
Even when the youngster moved back to South Africa, Moulana Maseehullah rahimahullah used to send the stamps to him from India. This only ended when after about five years when Moulana Maseehullah passed away. The youngster still treasures that collection.
The lesson we draw from here is that we need to keep our word even if we give it to youngsters. This is a great sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Many a non Muslim has been won over to Islam by the quality of a Muslim keeping his word. We also learn the lesson of consistency and keeping regular practices. The best of actions are those which are done consistently even though they may be little. 
Moulana Ismail Kathrada is a senior Alim of South Africa who was honoured with the close company of Moulana Maseehullah and who was also in the company of senior Egyptian Qurra like Sheikh Husri and Sheikh Abdul Basit
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