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The Zakaah Applicant Hosting of South Africa (ZAHSA) is the first ever online computer software program specifically designed for organisations involved in the distribution of Zakaah or monetary aid to Muslim recipients. It was developed in Port Elizabeth and launched officially on 13 February 2013.


Zahsa integrates the process from the initial visit of the recipient to the storage of thousands of case files all at the click of the button. Moving away from the traditional method of data capturing on paper and systematizing the process of applicants receiving help from organisations in one inclusive program saving money and human resources.
Innovative Features
Zakaah Organisations network with each other avoiding duplication in Zakaah distribution and in identifying Zakaah applicants who are most worthy
At the touch of the button identify exact number of Zakaah cases in South Africa
Getting real statistics in regards to their applicants in the fields of income, marriage/ divorce, widows and medical cases
Zakaah applicants moving to another province need not undergo the trauma of reapplication and case files can be opened immediately.
Allows fieldworkers to capture data on site or in the office
Each organization’s database will be private and work independently
Bursary feature 
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