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Japanese Internment
Japanese Internment
American use of illegal renditions, secret prisons and concentration camps like Guantanamo to illegally detain and torture Muslims kidnapped in the ‘war on terror’ is an old US tactic. It is a crime against humanity and was practiced by the US in World War II mainly against Japanese.


120,000 Japanese Americans including infants, the elderly and mentally ill were incarcerated in concentration camps in 1942. 62% were American citizens. Discrimination against Japanese started with laws like the 1905 California law which outlawed marriages between Caucasians and ‘Mongolians’, an umbrella term used to refer to the Japanese and other East Asias.
In 1906, the San Francisco Board of Education separated Japanese students from Caucasian students. 1939-1941, the FBI compiled an index on citizens, enemy aliens and foreign nationals, citing national security, like today’s ‘terror lists’. US lawmakers and politicians referred to Japanese openly as dangerous. Japanese assets were frozen, curfews declared for persons of Japanese ancestry. State politicians supported the camps. 120,000 people . Even recently US intellectuals have said that Japanese American internment was ‘a good idea’ which offers ‘lessons for today’ in the war on terror.
Amazingly 20,000 Japanese American men and women served in the US Army in World War II. In 1945 the internees were freed and given a measly $25 and a train ticket to their former homes. Japanese lost an estimated $100 million in assets. The camps were initially called concentration camps and later changed to internment camps like today’s flowery terminology used to disguise abuses.
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