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Fort of Salahudeen
Fort of Salahudeen
Part 1 of lessons from the hero of Islam and liberator of Aqsa, Salahudeen Ayyubi rahimahullah:


Ordinary Man: Salahudeen was no great scholar, warrior or nobleman by birth. He grew up in ‘safe zones’. What he achieved was nurtured through hard work, sincerity and piety throughout his life.


Product of Madressa System: He attended the Madressas instituted by his predecessors which nurtured within their students a love for Aqsa and rekindled their spirit of Jihad.
Lover of Ulama: Throughout his life, the men that Salahudeen respected the most were the Ulama. Many of his closest confidants were Ulama too.
Upholding Correct Beliefs: Salahudeen established Sunni Madressas across Egypt. By the time the Fatimid Shia leader of Egypt was about to pass away, Salahudeen issued a proclamation that Egypt was once again Sunni, after long Shia rule.
Generous: Treasurers would not reveal to him the true extent of their revenues, fearing that Salahudeen would spent it all. Salaah with Jamaat: Bahauddin, confidant and biographer of Salahudeen reveals that he never ever missed Salaah in congregation. Even on his deathbed when he could hardly walk, he made arrangements for a Imam to come and lead him in Salaah so that he could still reap the rewards of congregation. 
Adapted from article by Ebrahim Moosa of Cii
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