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Some reasons why we are tested in life:


Paradise. ‘Allah, the Exalted, says: ‘I have no reward except Paradise for a believing slave of Mine who shows patience and anticipates My reward when I take away his favorite one from the inhabitants of the world.’ (Bukhari)


‘When I affect my slave in his two dear things (i.e., his eyes), and he endures patiently, he shall be compensated with Paradise.’ (Bukhari)
Blessing in Disguise. Allah says in the Quran: 'Fighting has been prescribed for you even though you detest it, it may be that something you dislike be good for you, and it may happen that something you like be bad for you, Allah knows while you do not'.
Examination. Difficulties unveil the true nature of people by sieving out the good from the bad. Allah says, in the verses which speak about the battle of Badr: Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now, until He separates what is evil from what is good.’ (Quran 3:179)
Wiping out Sins. Allah may decide to punish a person for his sin in this world rather than in the hereafter. But truly, the punishment of the Hereafter is greater if they but knew.’ (Al- Qalam:33)
‘When Allah desires for His servant some good, He hastens his punishment in this life, and when Allah intends some good for His servant He will postpone His punishment until he will be recompensed on the day of judgment.’
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