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The Muslim state in the form of the Ottoman Empire protected the rights of animals. This was based on the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Here are some examples of animal welfare centuries before the West: 


Foundations to protect and cultivate animals and trees were established. 
Cat hospitals were opened in Usküdar and Dolmabahçe. 
To enable birds to drink water safely and easily, water bowls were put on the high walls in mosques. 
During the reign of Sultan Mehmet it was mandatory to place in the new constructions water bowls and drinking basins to enable birds to drink water safely and easily. 
It was a law that near mosques an area would be spared to provide care for the cats and dogs and cats would be fed each new day with liver and clean water. 
In freezing winter months, in order to keep wild animals on the hills, prairies and woods alive, fresh meat, plants, salt, bird food and hays were left in their natural habitats. 
It was strictly forbidden to hunt the offspring of game animals or animals at the stage of pregnancy or breeding.
The Ottomans built refined shelters for animals equal to the beauty of houses. The best examples are decorated bird palaces. 
During the time of migration it was forbidden to hunt birds. 
In 1550, a decree was passed to ban loading of animals with extreme weights. 
In 1600 it became unlawful to kill animals of which meat was not edible. (contrast this with the Western craze for hunting).
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