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Heard of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia? Well, here are some facts about the area that you might not know:


Sochi is situated on the Black Sea and is one of Russia's biggest resort cities. For 600 years the region was ruled and inhabited by Muslims (Circassians). Russia started invasions in the 19th century and the Muslims resisted for decades. Then came one of the worst acts of ethnic cleansing by Russians against the Circassian Muslims: 1,5 million were killed or deported and only 80,000 were left on the land. This started the modern 'strategy' of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Sochi was the final place of expulsion of the Muslims.
The world should hang its head in shame that Russia even got these sports events in the first place. To allow it to be held in an area that witnessed some of the worst Russian colonial crimes is to rub salt in the wound. Muslims need to be aware of the history of the Caucasus and the brutal invasion, atrocities and continued occupation of the land by Russians, almost annihilating the Muslims as a result. The Muslims of the Caucasus ruled there since the 8th century and never stopped fighting for liberation since the Russian invasions from the 18th century. They continue today in Daghestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya.
Footnote: Research on Circassia and Sochi was prompted by a meeting with a Cherkess Aalim from Circassia who was out in Jamaat in South Africa
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