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Christmas Facts While You Wait PDF Print E-mail

1. Date of Birth

1.1 Year: estimated between 7 and 2 BC

1.2 Month/Date: unknown

1.3 25 December: Only adopted by western churches 400 years after Jesus alaihis salaam although not all churches celebrate it on that day.

1.4 Coptic Church 7 Jan
1.5 Eastern Churches 19 Jan.
1.6 Others celebrate on 6, or 9 Jan according to the doubt on the actual date, the confusion over the calendar and other reasons.
2. Bible on Birthdays
Origen of Alexandria said the Bible mentions only sinners as celebrating their birthdays like:
2.1 Pharaoh (Genesis 40:20–22)
2.2 Herod (Mark 6:21–27)
and mentions saints and prophets as cursing the day of their birth like:
2.3 Jeremiah (Jeremiah 20:14–15)
2.4 Job (Job 3:1–16)
✓ neither Jesus alaihis salaam, nor 300-400 years of Christians after him celebrated Christmas
✓ those who celebrate nowadays are uncertain about the actual date
✓ the origin of 25 Dec is based on pagan celebrations
✓ today's Christmas celebrations are full of secular commercialism. 
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