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Beyond Basics
Beyond Basics
In our daily life, we are not generally content with the bare minimum. Whether it is cars, homes, cellphones or our businesses, we strive for achieving more than what we can just survive on. We need to apply this philosophy to our acts of worship and in striving to please Allah.



Aisha radhiallahu anha relates that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to stand so long in the night prayer that his feet used to get swollen. She asked him why he went to such great lengths whereas he was guaranteed forgiveness by Allah. In replying, the Prophet  taught us a lesson in going beyond the bare minimum in pleasing Allah. He said, “O Aisha, should I not be a grateful slave (of Allah)?”



Uthman radhiallahu anhu demonstrated what it meant to go beyond what is required in reciting the Words of Allah: He used to recite an entire Quran every day. His love for the Quran was such, that he was rewarded with being the one to preserve the script of the Quran and he was assassinated while reading the Quran.



Suhaib radhiallahu anhu, on being accosted by the Quraish when emigrating to Madinah for the sake of Allah, disclosed the location of all his wealth to the Quraish to be allowed to make the Hijra (emigration). On arriving in Madinah, the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam praised him with these words: “What a profitable trade, O Abu Yahya, what a profitable trade!”



On the night before the glorious battle of Badr, all the Muslim soldiers went to sleep, but the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam stood the entire night supplicating to Allah and praying to Him. He laid out for us the system of worshipping Allah: we should not just be content with carrying out only the necessary actions, but we need to look at constantly increasing upon it. Ramadaan is the ideal platform to change our lifestyle to one of constantly seeking improvement and increase in our worship of Allah.

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