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From Ibn al-Jawzi's Bustan al-Wa'idhin wa Riyad as-Sami'in (p 213-4):


"The month of Ramadan to the other months is like Yusuf  to his brothers. So, just like Yusuf alaihis salaam was the most beloved son to Ya'qub alaihis salaam, Ramadan is likewise the most beloved month to Allah


A nice point for the nation of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam to ponder over is that if Yusuf alaihis salaam had the mercy and compassion to say: "There is no reproach for you today..." [Yusuf: 92], Ramadan is likewise the month of mercy, blessing, goodness, salvation from the Fire, and Forgiveness from the King that exceeds that of all the other months and what can be gained from their days and nights.
Another nice point to think about is that Yusuf alaihis salaam's brothers came to rely on him to fix their mistakes after all those they had made. So, he met them with kindness and helped them out, and he fed them while they were hungry and allowed them to return, and he told his servants: "Carry their belongings with you so that they don't lose them."
So, one person filled the gaps of eleven others, and the month of Ramadan is likewise one month that fills the gaps of our actions over the other eleven months. Imagine the gaps and shortcoming and deficiency we have in obeying Allah!” We hope that in Ramadan, we are able to make up for our shortcomings in the other months, to rectify our mistakes, and to cap it off with happiness and firmness on the Rope of the Forgiving King.
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