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Maulana Sindhi’s T's of a successful marriage:


T is for Taqwa - the foundation of a successful marriage. Fearing Allah allows both parties to live in harmony.

T is for Trust - don't allow any room for your spouse to doubt you and give them some personal space.

T is for Tongue - control your tongue when speaking to your spouse. Don't speak rudely.

T is for Talk - Communicate with your spouse regularly. Let them know your feelings.

T is for Time - make time to spend with your spouse, and realise that your life timetable has to change once you're married.

T is for Tea - make sure you eat and drink together at the same time.

T is for Tolerance - nobody is perfect, but look at the good qualities in your spouse and tolerate the bad with patience

T is for Technology - technology can make or break a relationship. Don't allow it to become the third person in the relationship.

T is for Trouble makers - don't allow the rumours and comments of others to spoil the harmony between you and your partner.

T is for Temper - this is one of biggest reasons behind marriages breaking. Control your anger with your spouse.

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