Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Notes from Gaza
Notes from Gaza
Life lessons that the noble Muslims of Gaza taught me as they went through yet another Zionist, Israeli genocide:


☑ "I always thought that Israel controls Gaza. But today, I have realised that Israel controls all Muslim countries except Gaza." ~ Sheikh Abdul Jabbar


☑ Palestinian man in Gaza on being asked why he's gone back home: "I would rather die in my own home than in a UN school." #GazaUnderAttack
☑ @iFalasteen: “Palestinians have had the most privileged Ramadan this year. They did Sehri on earth and Iftaar in Jannah…”
☑ "Every side of #Gaza is blocked off, the only entrance open is the one to Jannah (Paradise)." ~ An Imam in #GazaUnderAttack
☑ "Their bombs are above us, but they forget Allah is above them." ~ A child in Gaza
☑ Gaza: birthplace of saints, burial place of Angels.
☑ "While the world buys Eid clothes, Gazans buy shrouds for the dead."
The indomitable spirit of the heroes of Gaza saw them come out to celebrate Eid under cowardly Israeli bombardment. The women wear cloaks and hijab day and night, not wanting to be without hijab if they are killed or wounded. They prayed in bombed Musjids. Above all, they only attacked soldiers, not civilians as the Israelis did.
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