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Moral Support
Moral Support
When people go through difficult times, if we cannot help them in a tangible way, then Islam guides us on what to do:


1. Don’t get happy

“Do not rejoice over the misfortune of your brother, lest Allah have mercy upon him and subject you to trials.” (Tirmidhi 2506)


2. Offer moral support

“There is no believer who consoles his brother at the time of a calamity but that Allah the Exalted will clothe him with noble garments on the Day of Resurrection.” (Ibn Majah 1601)


3. Give hope

“When you enter upon a sick person, reassure him that he is going to live; that does not change anything, but it lifts his spirits.” (Tirmidhi 2087)


4. Offer condolence

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam wrote a letter of condolence to Muaz ibn Jabal radhiallahu anhu on the death of his son highlighting the rewards in store for having patience at loss, and the fact that Allah Ta’ala knows why He puts one through loss. He also offered advice on not allowing the vicious cycle of grief to pull him into depression. (Mu'jam Kabir)


5. Every bit counts

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam taught us to relieve the pain of people undergoing loss by seeing to some of their needs such as preparing food for them, visiting them and offering duas and verbal support to help them through their grief. A phone call, a visit, a message, all help.


Listen to a lecture on this topic by Moulana Muhammad Badsha:

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