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The siege of Masada in 73 CE, in Palestine, is revered in Israel as a symbol of Jewish heroism. Masada is the site of the Israeli army's inductions and an inspiration for Zionism. If you read its history, you will understand why. What happened at Masada?


1. The Sicarii were an extremist Jewish group, who attacked civilians in public crowds. They committed a series of atrocities in Jerusalem in order to force the Jews to war with the Romans.
2. Before the Siege of Masada, on Passover, the Sicarii raided Ein-Gedi, a nearby Jewish settlement, and killed 700 of its inhabitants.
3. The Siege of Masada ended with, not heroic battle, but the mass suicide of the 960 Sicarri rebels and their families. Any surprise, then, that Zionists used terror in the form of gangs like Irgun, Stern and Hagganah to slaughter Palestinians and stir up war? This continues today in the merciless slaughter of civilians in Gaza under relentless bombardment. It also continues in the incarceration of kids, the ruthless occupation of Palestinian land and the use of weapons of mass destruction on civilians.
Roots will tell. And the ignominious end of the Sicarri is a portend, if ever there was one, of Zionism's future.
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