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The solution for much of the ills of society lies with what is aptly termed the Golden Rule. This maxim is beautifully encapsulated in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam when he said: “Whoever wishes to be saved from the fire (of Hell) and enter the garden (of Paradise) ... should treat people as he wishes to be treated by them.”


Few prescriptions can match this simple formula in its power to make a person think before interacting with others.
When it is dealing with those less fortunate such as orphans, the Quran gives a guardian food for thought by encouraging him to put himself in the deceased’s shoes: “...And those who are concerned about the welfare of their own children after their death, should have fear of God [Treat other people's orphans justly]...” (Quran 4:8-9)
Giving charity is sometimes taken as a form of refuse removal with our unsavoury scraps being transferred to the poor. The Quran asks us to “Spend of the good things that you have earned... and do not even think of spending [in charity] worthless things that you yourselves would be reluctant to accept.” (2:267)
Trade and commerce is no different. Conduct your business in the way in which you would want to be treated. It is unfair to exact every last bit of rights as a consumer, and then be unyielding as a trader or service provider. “Destruction to those... who, when they have to receive by measure from men, they demand exact full measure, but when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.” (Quran 83: 1–4)
Pause a moment before doing anything in relation to someone else. Use the brain power for which we set much pride. And only go ahead if you would be pleased to be on the receiving end of your own actions. Perfect faith in Allah is linked to wishing well for others. "The servant (man) does not reach the reality of faith until he loves for others what he loves for himself,” in the words of the Prophet . There needs to be a general return to this universal principle.
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